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A career in British Intelligence will take you to the heart of national security. So whether you join GCHQ, MI5 or MI6, you’ll be helping to counter the latest threats, from terrorist and cyber attacks to organised crime. The three agencies collaborate to achieve their collective mission – protecting the UK. But each has its own, unique specialisms.

GCHQ is the UK’s signals intelligence agency. Everyone knows us as code breakers but we are much more. It takes all sorts of people to unlock the complex world of communications, to understand global threats and to gather and analyse intelligence. We work to tackle terrorists, cyber criminals and those trafficking drugs or people. We provide expertise in cyber security, which protects the nation’s people, businesses and interests. As technology evolves, so do we, always striving to stay ahead. We combine our talents to keep the country safe.

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MI5 (the Security Service) is the UK’s national security intelligence agency, safeguarding the country against threats to national security including terrorism, espionage, cyber attacks, sabotage and the spread of weapons of mass destruction. We investigate suspect individuals and organisations to obtain, collate, analyse and assess intelligence relating to these threats. We also help reduce the vulnerability of the critical national infrastructure by acting to counter the sources of threats and advising on protective security.

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We work covertly abroad to defend the interests of the UK. We gather foreign intelligence to disrupt terrorism, resolve conflict and protect the UK's people, economy and interests. People are at the heart of what we do. We make use of sophisticated technology to deliver our aims and to support the work of MI5 and GCHQ, but all of our operations are driven by human intelligence. Although we have a unique mission, MI6 has a range of roles like any other organisation, with everyone working together to make a difference. Every day brings something new.

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